The question I continue to see in the groups I am a part of and even from people in my life is “How do you do it every day? I can start but I just give up.”

I have been there. It was a cycle for a long time. Then I was fed up. My struggle still is getting my nutrition and eating under control. I do however meet my step goal every day. I am currently making my way through a half marathon training plan and sticking to it.

My secret I write it all down. I have a planner where I write down every run and what I eat every day. It is a habit and has just become part of my routine. I have talked here about routine so many times and it is the key. I am working on me and that routine plays such a big part in making progress.

I have found that writing everything keeps me accountable. I make better choices for eating knowing that I am going to write it down. Another thing I do is have the cake. I am not going to deprive myself because then I will end up overeating. If I let myself have a small piece I still write it down. I am being honest with myself.

One area I know I cam improve on is varying my workouts. I have developed a love for running. However, weight lifting and other forms of exercise are not really my jam. Sure I’ll do squats and use my dumbbells some but not consistently. That is the next area I am going to work on in my workout. To make myself become better in those areas I will research and then I’ll add what I do to my planner when I write everything down. I know this will help me grow.

As I work to improve my nutrition and weightlifting and body weight workouts I will stay accountable writing it down in my planner. I will also share any tips or ideas I have here. I’ll be on the lookout for tips and tricks from other sources.

While motivation comes in so many forms having a race to train for and writing things down works for me. What have you found that works for you? Share in the comments.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, write it down, share it, be kind, be you.


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