Choose you

Last week was a rough week for me in the workout and nutrition realm. I was exhausted and I just wasn’t into it. I did get on the treadmill and get something in every day. I met my step goal every day, but I really wasn’t feeling it at all.

That is all in the past and I am not going to dwell on it. I have made so much progress in the past month. I have gone distances that I had never done before. I overcame the mental struggles connected to going those distances.

My goals for March are to do just a little better every day. I am going to work on getting to sleep earlier so I can be well rested and get those early work outs in.

My half marathon is this month and I am nervous and excited but it is coming and I am going to do it. I read an affirmation daily that talks about where you will be in a month if you focus on what you want. It is up to you because the month is going to pass no matter what you focus on during the month.

Focusing on getting more sleep and eating better will be my major focus. In a month I know I will change. I need to dedicate this time for me. Like I’ve said before eating is my struggle. I am going to take this one day at a time and make small improvements each day.

My challenge to anyone reading this is to pick a place to focus on for the month. Then just do a little better each day. I am going to keep myself accountable by writing everything down that I eat. I’m going to be intentional about what I eat. I am going to stick to my meal planning. Even when we go out of town this month I know I can stay on track.

Making your goals attainable is very important. Making time for yourself is important. March 2021 is going to fly by no matter what we choose to do so why not choose you.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, choose you, be kind, be you.


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