Reading routines

Being a mom is great. I have gotten away from talking about that part of my life here. I have focused on my fitness journey for the last month or more. Fitness and self-care are very important. However, being a mom is amazing.

My sweet girl is 4 and a powerhouse. She loves learning.

I always talk about my routine of working out and taking care of me. There are so many routines in my life. My very favorite routine is reading with A. We have started reading right before bed and right when she wakes up. This is a routine that I want to continue for many years. I want to instill a love of reading and taking care of herself.

A loves to pick out a book and “read” on her own. She will be reading in no time. The pre-reading stage is amazing. I love to listen to her tell the story of the pictures. I let her tell me what is happening and then she normally wants me to read the story.

She just got new books. I don’t say NO to books very often. I love to read and having books is something I truly love. One day we will have a library in our home. I want to be surrounded by books and I want A to love that as well. We are on our way to that point. When I gave her the new books she was not excited at first because there were no stickers (ah to be 4 again!), but then decided she needed to see what they were all about.

Books enrich our lives in so many ways. I am very fortunate to be able to provide books for A. We make books and learning a priority in our lives.

I believe that reading about all different topics is essential throughout life. I read children’s books with A, history books because I love history, self-care books so I can take care of me, financial books to make better decisions, blogs for recipes and to see what other ideas people are sharing, social media sites to stay caught up with family and friends, textbooks to be able to do my job. Reading is so essential to life whether because ya have to or for pleasure. I find that reading and writing are the two things I want to do the most besides spending time with J & A. Reading transports me into different worlds and writing allows me to create different worlds.

I used to be of the mindset that routines made life boring. However, I am now a true believer in routines. My workout routines help me take care of myself and allow for me time. This keeps my mental health in check. My routine of reading with A helps to strengthen our bond as well as give us time together. I hope that it is also increasing her love of reading. I will continue our routines in order to keep our lives interesting.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, read a book, have a routine, be kind, be you.


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