6 Things to Do in 2021 to Improve Your Life

What can you do to improve yourself in 2021? There seem to be an endless amount of posts listing all the things you can do to improve yourself and everyone just slaps the new year on it. I feel like this is a recycled post.

I will admit I have looked at several. The one thing that gets me is they all have a very lengthy before. I realize the irony in typing that out and not just getting to a list. I just always wonder if maybe it is just me that says where is the list? Or what does this have to do with it? Maybe I am? But I suspect I am not. I am sure that people have great things to say but I want to be drawn in first to decides if I want to go more indepth again the irony of this isn’t lost on me.

Here goes my list of what to do in 2021to improve yourself:

1. Write down something you are grateful for every day. I call these bright spots. Find one.

2. Move. Sometimes I just walk around our house to get my steps in. Most of the time it is the treadmill multiple times a day.

3. Do something for yourself. Read for pleasure. Take a longer shower. Close your eyes and just enjoy a sup of coffee.

4. Set goals. Big goals, small goals, goals for the next five minutes, set a goal. Break it down and smash it.

5. Meditate. I need to get back to this. Just sitting in silence or listening to a guided meditation is so peaceful and fills me with joy and clears my mind.

6. Be kind to yourself. We talk about giving grace to those around us but really we need to be nice to ourselves.

This list isn’t the end all be all of lists. It isn’t based on a bunch of research conducted by academics. This list is my take on it. A list I feel like is straight to the point. The list of things of realistic things that anyone can do with a little effort.

Why do we need to post tons of words just to show up? Why can’t we make small posts that are to the point that we can read through quickly?

As a mom when I am looking at anything from recipes to book lists I want to find the content I was searching for and then decide if I want to read more. I wish it was trending to get to the point. Be concise. Draw your reader in with some short posts that will make them want to dive into the topic more.

I love writing these short posts hoping some day they catch on and people decide man this is what we need more of in the blogging world. Short posts of ideas from people with realistic ideas.

Maybe I am too ambitious in my pursuit. Maybe some people will say I am not made for blogging because I want to write short posts. However, I don’t always want them to be short but I want it to be okay for it to happen. Then those longer posts that take time to develop maybe will be looked for more because of the short posts.

Here ya go a short post that was too the point on a list for 2021. Also the ramblings of a short blogger. Hey maybe that will catch on?

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, get to the point, be kind, be you.


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