Race Week

It is finally here! My half marathon is on Sunday. My goal is to finish. This is my first one and I just want to cross the finish line.

My prep this week is to focus on keeping my body moving and fueled. I want to stay moving but I am not trying to run myself out. I am just keeping my body going.

It is going to be colder than I am used to so I will be layering up. We will be heading to the race destination a few days before so hopefully being there will help and I won’t be as cold. I am so excited to do this.

This is one of my bucket list items. I have read that many people love running half marathons and become addicted to them. I could see myself becoming one of those people.

My running gear includes

Brooks Glycerin GTS 19s, leggings with pockets, a Flipbelt, a tank top, long sleeve all moisture wicking. I will have some applesauce pouches and goldfish on me as added fuel during my run.

I have a plan and I am hoping it all works out somewhat closely to my plan. I am sure there will be hiccups but that is okay. I can go with the flow. Being flexible is a quality I pride myself on having.

Here’s to race week!

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, do a new thing, be kind, be you.


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