My 1st Half Marathon

I did it. I am now part of the club of people that have run a half marathon. I am two days out and I am so proud of myself. I am sore but mostly a good sore.

I ran the Race to the Cave half marathon in Woodville, Alabama. The course was beautiful and full of hills. The amount of hills on the course I was not prepared for. However, I did it.

My first five miles were good miles. I felt great. However, looking back I should’ve toned it down on those first five miles in order to be more consistent. I think when I took a break after mile five I was done.

I wasn’t actually done but done with the majority of my running. It was in there somewhere that I stepped wrong and hurt my knee. Everyone always says uphill is the worst. The opposite was true for me downhill became my enemy because every step down those hills caused excruciating pain in my knee.

I am thankful that no matter whatvrace you are running people are nice. I had so many people say kind words and encourage me along the way. When they found out it was my first many told me I would be ready to run another in a few days.

They are right I am ready for another, but the next one needs to be flatter.

I met my goal of finishing, my time goal I missed by 27 minutes, and my dream goal I missed by an hour.

After recovery I am on the lookout for another half marathon. The next one I will make sure it a flatter course. Those hills were awful.

I am going to sign up for some 5ks and probably 10ks over the summer and do another half in the fall.

My advice would be to look at course of elevation if you are attempting your first half or any race. I also am glad that I ran in my full race outfit prior to race day. I knew the feeling of the clothes during my long runs and new that I needed a ton of Aquaphor to prevent chafing.

Also follow a plan. I am so glad I stuck mostly to a running plan. It really prepared me. Also I stayed to my normal diet even though I traveled because I didn’t want to have stomach troubles. Lucky for me no issues.

I highly recommend running. Any distance really. Do something that pushes you. You can do hard things.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, push yourself, be kind, be you.


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