New Month, New Goals

Ahh April 1st. Mostly jokes. The birthday of the US Navy Chiefs. A new month is full of possibilities. This is a time for reflection and setting goals.

My goals for this month are to write more and to find a new race to train for. I am planning to do a few 5ks and then another half marathon in the fall.

I am going to be writing here and then on a book that I am working on. I want to find a race because training for a race gives me purpose to my runs and I actually run faster when I know I have something coming up.

I enjoy the beginning of a new month because I can set those new goals. It is also a time to reflect on the past month. March was pretty great for me. I ran my half marathon and that was the biggest accomplishment in my running life. I did not meet my step goal a few days in March so that is an area that I can grow in. I can create a new streak for meeting my step goal. I know that last year late March and April were low mileage months for me. Knowing this I can build on that and move forward.

I believe in reflection and goal setting in order to improve. I like to write things down and to share them. It keeps me accountable. Maybe that is something you haven’t tried I think that it is an easy thing to add to a morning routine at the beginning of the month. Make some attainable goals. Start small and make yourself successful. I know that helps me to keep me going.

Moving forward I want to be able to share what is working for me. Give some suggestions on what I am using and maybe share some visuals to help people see different things they could try.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, reflect and set goals, be kind, be you.


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