Water. It is my drink of choice. I kicked my sod a addiction a while ago. I rarely ever have a soda these days. It is mostly Water. I also enjoy a cup of coffee every day.

Drinking water daily has pushed over into other areas of my life. My 4 year old loves water and usually takes my water bottle throughout the day. As a teacher the kids in my class have been amazed at the size of my water bottle over the past couple of years. Many people ask if I truly drink a gallon of water a day and my answer is always “I try.”

I know on the days that I do choose to have a soda or something other than my normal amount of water I don’t feel the best. It was a struggle in the beginning and I didn’t invest in a good water bottle. I started with plastic water bottles. That became just too much. I knew with the amount of water I was drinking I did not want to use all of that plastic.

I think investing in a water bottle has been great for my overall health. Having a gallon water bottle means I need to fill it only once a day usually. I know where I am throughout the day. It also keeps me hydrated for my workouts and runs.

I would totally recommend investing in a water bottle no matter where you are on your journey in life. Of course talk to your doctor about what is a healthy amount of water to drink.

*I am not a doctor. These are just my opinions and experiences and should not be taken as any sort of medical advice.*

I am looking forward to sharing more of my journey in the coming weeks. Follow me here so you don’t miss out.

Until next,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, invest in you, be kind, be you.


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