Soaking it all up

We are making a big move in about a month. We are going to be living in a totally different place without the scenery we currently have. No matter where we end up it will be considerably colder in the winter. We are saying good bye to Florida and hello to somewhere else.

As we are in the count down to our move we are enjoying our Florida sunshine. We’ve gone to the beach for a few hours the past two weekends. A loves the water. Today she was much braver and got out further. We seam around and just enjoyed our time as a family.

Will I miss having the beach so close? Yes but really only on these mild weekends. I don’t like it when it gets overly hot because everyone is there and well Ia very fair skinned and turning shades of red and purple are not fun. And yes I do use sunscreen. Also A is a red head and also fair skinned. So beach mornings will be missed but I’m sure we will have access to a pool where ever we end up.

I also did not get a run in this morning because of our beach trip plans. Here I am walking and typing on the treadmill. I am staying dedicated to my family and myself. After all we need time with ourselves and with our family’s if that is your thing. Maybe not your family but people that you care for and that care for you.

When we move we will be making virtual calls a lot to those we love here in Florida and across the US. We use virtual calling right now anyway because most of our family are hours away. Our Florida people will just get to experience it more.

I am excited about our move because it is going to take us to a new part of the US and put us in a place to go to so many other states to explore. We love to take A on trips and while she has seen a ton of the East Coast and Midwest she has not seen the Plains and Western US. I will also be excited to get to run in new places and to explore national parks.

We are moving into am exciting chapter of our lives. As these changes occur A will also be growing and making so many new memories. Hopefully we will be running races alongside each other very soon.

I am also looking for my next half marathon to run in the fall this year. I’ve got a few I’m looking at but it will ultimately come down to where we are located. The next month is going to be very exciting and I can’t wait to share more adventures.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, soak it all up, be kind, be you.


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